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High performance Epoxy Coating Systems for Residential and Commercial Applications
Tuf Floors of North Grafton, Massachusetts specializes in applying a variety of Epoxy coatings for all types of concrete substrates, from basement and garage floors to commercial/industrial worn out concrete floors. Tuf Floors offers a variety of solutions that will provide customers with a long lasting, durable and highly attractive floor covering.

A New Look for Less
Professionals with over 20 years of experience in the painting business, Tuf Floors recognized the value of restoring these concrete surfaces to a more aesthetically pleasing sight to enhance the beauty and value of our customers’ homes. These heavy duty Epoxy based flooring systems comes in an array of different solid colors or with decorative flakes to provide and attractive stone like finish. In order to provide outstanding durability we use a high quality low VOC, two part Epoxy, from (©Benjamin Moore) that provides long lasting protection for both interior and exterior concrete applications.

Protect and improve the appearance of your properly-prepared concrete floors.
Tuf Floors saves you time and effort on floor maintenance with Epoxy floor coatings. Call us today at (508) 479-2248 to learn how our techniques and services will provide your home with a maintenance free outstanding looking basement and/or garage floor covering.

Surface Preparation
Poor surface preparation is the main reason why most of today’s garage and cellar/basement floors initially done with paint or sealer coatings fail in their first or second year of usage. All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned of any fluids or stains before application. Also, the concrete needs to be etched and all cracks should be repaired. Tuf Floors takes the necessary steps needed to ensure our Epoxy will bond properly to your concrete substrate.

A garage floor coating system is one of the most economical and aesthetically pleasing ways to enhance the beauty and value of your home. A plain gray concrete garage floor with cracks and stains on it adds a blemish to your otherwise beautiful home. Tuf Floors’ heavy duty Epoxy-based floor systems not only upgrades the look of the floor, but increases resiliency to stains and tire marks and can hide minor imperfections already existing on your floors. All cracks on your floor are permanently fixed with the Epoxy crack repair kit, designed to fill and repair these unpleasant imperfections.

The finish Epoxy Coating Sealer dries to a glossy looking surface that will make your old, gray dull floors look brand new! Your new glossy looking floor repels spills such as grease and oil, your floor is easily cleaned with soap and water!

There are many colors to choose from for your base coat but further enhancement can be achieved through decorative quartz or paint chips that are added before the final clear gloss sealer is applied. You may also decide on a “no-skid” surface whereby an aggregate such as sand can be spread over your base coat before applying the sealer coat.

The two part Epoxy floor system is a low VOC product that resists common chemical damage caused by gasoline, brake fluid, standing water, and battery acid and will provide long lasting protection for interior and exterior concrete applications. When you opt for Epoxy floor coatings, you are protecting the surface against chemical corrosion, wear, and damage; reducing your floor maintenance, cleaning costs and replacement needs.

Goals and Expectations
At Tuf Floors we understand that each customer has different needs and expectations and we will strive to meet your personal expectations.

Overview of Customers Expectations
When choosing Tuf Floors to install an Epoxy floor coating system, you are making the conscious decision to protect your flooring while improving the overall aesthetics of your home. We provide a free consultation so that we can understand your personal needs, after which we will provide you with a customized flooring solution that meet your overall goals and budget.

The two part Epoxy coating system may be applied as a solid color or with decorative flakes to provide an attractive stone like finish. You may also choose to select a non-skid additive (i.e. sand) to provide your floor with out-standing durability with a non-skid finish.

This highly durable, abrasion resistant coating comes in an array of standard and custom colors and has a clear finish sealer coat that will provide long lasting beauty to your floor. This decision, will surely improve the aesthetics of your floor space, and save you money for years to come.